Wednesday, January 13

Invisibility Shirt.

Today I am wearing a shirt that somehow makes my baby bump invisible.

I mean, I can see it. I think it's visible. However, in my eight hours of work, not one person commented on my pregnant belly. Usually every other woman who walks into the store looks at me, does a double-take and then says "OOOOOO, you're pregnant!" Usually they're very excited to know all about the life of a complete stranger. Everyone wants to know about names, due dates, etc, etc. I don't really understand it, but it's a huge topic of conversation.

Today, not one person even looked at me twice. In fact, when I was ordering food for husband and myself at Subway, the lady joked with me, "You're not going to eat this all by yourself, are you?" and I rubbed my tummy and joked back "Oh, it isn't just me."

Then she said, "Oh! I didn't even notice!" and she was serious!

How can you not notice EIGHT MONTHS of baby on me?

That's when I decided the shirt must be something out of Harry Potter. What else could it be?

PS - I think that picture looks like a still from some 60s TV show.


Rachael Thomas said...

hahahaha the Bradie Fowler and the Shirt of Invisibility. I love it.

erynn louise said...

they were probably thinking... "oh my gosh look how long your hair has gotten!!" instead of noticing your belly. i know i did.

Brynn said...

HAHA! Awesome Brades! :)

Madalyn :) said...

I want one of those shirts next time I'm prego.

Nick and Emily said...

i want an invisibility shirt. You're lucky. you always have cool things happen to you. :) at least you make it seem cool. I'm happy to see you are still doing well. didn't your family just get to visit you? that must've been great!

Just SO said...

I want an invisibility shirt for my NOT pregnant belly!

wonder woman said...

You totally look like NieNie. (pre-crash) Do you read NieNie? I have invisible belly shirts, too. I try to avoid them.