Monday, January 18

It's official.

This year shall be the year of the dumb (but cheap!) t-shirts.

Latest additions:

The history behind this decision:

Every time I'm getting ready to go somewhere with the husband, he complains about how long I take. I usually let him know that he is very lucky - I'm pretty sure I get ready in about 1/4 to 1/2 the time most women do. He complained all last year that I didn't have anything "just normal" to throw on and wear to the store or wherever. It always had to be an outfit . . . or at least the shoes had to match the ensemble.

His most commonly used phrase while getting ready was "Why don't you have any t-shirts that you can just put on?"

Second most commonly used phrase: "It's Wal-Mart. Have you seen the people at Wal-Mart before?"
There's a tie for third place between "I thought you were ready" and "Just wear that!"

Anyway, one day I found a really cheap (and dumb) t-shirt on clearance at work and I bought it. Then I bought more. For some reason, most of these shirts involve cats. I can't complain when the average price for each one is 95 cents. Neither can husband. I put one on the other day as I was getting ready. He smiled at me and said, "Yeah, wear that. It's funny."

So it began.

Anyway, let the dumbness/cheapness continue throughout the year!
I'll be on the prowl for more. They're really comfortable, especially with my nice sweatpants.

(By the way, those newest shirts cost 88 cents each. I KNOW, right?!)


{davis family} said...

hahaha, those are so awesome! good idea for after you have her too. all you want to wear while nursing or with that extra flab is t-shirts. SUCH a good idea. You look so adorable by the way, you have like the most perfectly round belly! you're getting so close! I can't wait to see her. she's going to be so so so so dang cute!

Beeswax said...

Awesome shirts. Seriously.