Wednesday, January 27

My New Best Friend.

Up until a few days ago, we kept our garbage can in the laundry room with the door shut tight. I don't know what you've heard about beagles, but in our house we have proven (time and time again) that they lack that part of the brain that says "You're full! Stop eating!"

That's right. Beagles are greedy by nature. If you drop a scrap on the floor, he'll be waiting to snatch it up. If you leave food anywhere within reach, he'll do crazy gymnastic moves to get to it. If you leave a garbage can unattended, it will be raided. Even if you feed him a hundred times a day, he will most likely gobble up his food as soon as it hits the bowl. Once, he even took a bite out of a sandwich that I was holding when I turned my head.

I can't tell you how many hours I have spent cleaning up his little garbage parties. If we forgot to make sure the door was shut, he'd sneak in and grab as many goodies as he could before getting a spankin.

But all that is over now!
Here's the reason (aka my new best friend):

We brought it home and I used it while I made dinner. Judge was thoroughly mystified. He sat next to it, watching as scrap after glorious scrap disappeared into the belly of the beast. He kept looking at me and looking at the thing that was eating his treats. He is still very confused.

We haven't left him alone with the new contraption, though. I'm curious to see if he tries to knock it over while we're gone. If he starts that, we're putting a brick in the bottom of the can . . . so really, his garbage raiding days are over.

P.S. - Here is my other new best friend:

We've been eating some incredible salsa lately.
Salsa gives the baby hiccups.


Just SO said...

Poor Judge! ;) I hope he doesn't figure out how to tip it over. I know some people who have had to use the stainless steel cans with the pop up lids to keep their dogs out of the trash.

Yum Salsa!!

{davis family} said...

haha, silly puppy!

I'm so excited for you to have your girly. you're so dang close. your chain is almost gone!!! SO awesome! go on a little weekend get-away before she comes, make it a last grand slam trip. haha.
you're so cute.

We Three Zweigs said...
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We Three Zweigs said...


Once you have your baby, you should really invest in the Diaper Genie if you haven't already. It will become your even newer more awesome best friend.

Rachael Thomas said...

Haha, dogs are so silly. Mowgli is like that. He will take bites out of my food when I'm not looking. If I drop even a crumb he runs over to slurp it up. Luckily he isn't big enough to knock over any garbage cans.

wonder woman said...

Thanks for stopping by! We have two golden retrievers, and they are also scavengers. Not quite as mischievous as your dog sounds, but still quite annoying. (We have the dogs because I love my husband, not because I love dogs.) Our dogs' favorite trash item is a dirty diaper. So beware. :o)