Wednesday, January 6

34 weeks.

This is what the baby countdown is looking like:

Tomorrow I'm 34 weeks. I went to the doctor today and everything is going as it should. I have two more weeks before I start going in every week for a checkup . . . so any time after the 28th this baby girl could be here, safe and sound. She could be here earlier, too, and probably be just as safe and sound. Pretty crazy.

We're getting as ready as you can get for a baby. We have some of my old teddy bears and lots and lots of other adorable things. We want to play already! Can't wait. Can't wait. Can't wait.


Madalyn :) said...

I like how sweet and soft the colors are :)

Tom and Juli said...

So cute, I'm so glad you decided to do the chain.

Just SO said...

So cute!! (And fyi the 24th and the 28th are both good days to have babies. Jillian 's b-day is on the 24th and George's in on the 28th.)

Can't wait to see your little girl!
Do you have names picked out yet?