Saturday, January 16


I feel like I'm starting to look like these guys -
surly faces, bags under the eyes, droopy jowls and all.

Not that I think pregnancy can't be beautiful.
I'm just a little tired of feeling like my thighs, stomach, butt and back are just one giant squishy ball (see image above). None of my clothes have really fit quite right for seven or so months. I haven't slept comfortably through the night in longer than that. Nothing really tastes the same as it did and, even when I get whatever thing I'm craving, somehow it isn't enough.

You know, most of the time it's great. I really think I've had it much, much easier than most.
I just need some tips on how to feel pretty when I feel like a saggy baggy elephant.

(Tips that don't just involve thinking about how great it will be when this is over.)

(found the image on this blog doing a google image search, just so you know.)


Brynn said...

This one SAVED me... I had really bad lower back pain - mainly on my right side - so I would take a tennis ball or would roll up some of cam's (clean) socks and I would lay on the floor with some pillows for my head and in between my legs and literally lay on the ball, moving it to different spots on my lower back. Even my spine and tail bone. The pressure release was AmAzInG!
Leg and feet massages do wonders...Employ husband and you're golden... well, at least for half hour to an hour if you're lucky. :) Good luck Lady!

Brynn said...

oh yea you need pillows under your bum when using the ball thing
and the number one helper/best thing ever is: THE SNOOGLE!
copy and paste this sukka- you can find it at alot of places. Not even gonna lie, my baby is almost 2 and I STILL sleep with it.|Snoogle_Original&ci_src=14110944&ci_sku=B0000635WI&cpng=plusbox&ref=tgt_adv_XSG10001

erynn louise said...

hahahahahhahahaha i love it. i about peed my pants when i read this post. unfourtanely i have no suggestions on what will make you feel better except you really just have one month left!! woot woot!!!