Tuesday, January 26




25 days! Well, give or take a few. She'll be technically full-term on Thursday, so any time after that . . . who knows?

Luckily, this month is already filling up with activities to keep me from obsessing over the due date. We survived the really, really ridiculous overnight hours (but we're still both a little bit zombie and our sleep is really off). Now we're staying busy and getting ready.

This weekend we finished our drywall patching in the bathroom and, I dare say, we are ready to paint. There has been a massive cleaning effort in our house. Most days I end up almost crying out of exhaustion (and probably hormones) and decide it's time to give up and go to bed. It is really taking a long time and it seems as if I haven't done anything. It's mostly because I'm so round. Bending over isn't easy - in fact, somehow it ends up making my entire body ache! I never noticed before how many times I bend over each day and how many things are stored so low to the ground. I've been working hard for a few days now and I think we're finally seeing results, but for a while there I was pretty sure that I had spent four days shuffling things from one room to another and then back again. (I mean "shuffling" literally, too. I am a prime example of what shuffling looks like.)

At least we're working on one of our goals for the year - decluttering. That one is turning out to be a lot easier than some of the others, mainly the "watching less TV" goal. With Lost starting on the 2nd, I think we may be doomed.


Just SO said...

She's so close!!! And I completely remember that "not being able to bend over stage". That is when squatting comes into play.

Scaliwag said...

Awe! James and his biker motif! I love my brother and sister. XD I can't wait for my niece too!

..M.. said...

i cant wait for her to come!!!

Madalyn :) said...

You two are going to be such awesome partents! And you are right, when you're prego... EVERYTHING is on the ground and everything gets dropped. I swear I had the butterfinger hands :)

Anonymous said...

yippeeeeeeee!!! the paper chain is getting shorter and shorter! i cannot wait for the bun in the oven to be done and out!! good luck with the next few weeks!