Wednesday, October 27

three creatures by the window.

 i have mentioned this before: when the sun starts to move south in the autumn, judge suddenly spends a lot of his time sunbathing by the back door. around the same time, the lizards come back. they like sunbathing, too, but on the outside of the window. judge spends all day whining for someone to let him out so he can try to catch the lazy lizards - but when he gets out the door they aren't so lazy and they disappear immediately.

yesterday afternoon, i watched three creatures hanging out by the big glass window.

first was an elusive little lizard,

second was our vigilant judge

and third was this (big) little guy, just in time for halloween: 

we watched him make his web all morning and, luckily, he made the web just right so that it didn't fall apart when we opened the door to let judge out. so long as he isn't inside the house, surprising me by skittering out from underneath things, i don't mind him one bit. 

eventually there were four creatures by the window. 
well, five, if i'm included in the creature count.

we're always up for some good creature-watching around here. 


n.davis said...

holy moly. that spider is HUGE!
you are so nice. i would have put him
in a cup and moved him to another facility. haha

your little girl is just as cute as ever.

miss you

Just SO said...

Okay I need something to reference against that spider to see how big it really is!! That is crazy!

I love creature watching as well.

e louise said...

um pretty sure that spider thing would not last one second at my house and as for the fourth creature sucking on a binki... i would definately take her anytime!