Saturday, October 16

me, the nerd.

have you seen that show "the middle" on abc?
for those of you who are out living lives that don't involve sitting on your bum for hours and hours, it's a family comedy and it's kinda funny. at first i thought it sounded a little too much like "malcolm in the middle," but it turns out that it's has its own kind of laughs. it's a little more heartwarming, too.

anyway, the daughter on the show is sue heck. she's in junior high, she's weird, she has tried out for every extracurricular activity (literally) and the only thing she made (barely) was the no-cut cross-country team. she wears her xc ("that stands for cross country") hoodie all the time. she has long, stringy hair that she never really does, she has braces and squinty eyes and always wears weird colored stretch/pajama-looking pants. she is the definition of naive. and nerd.

(click here for clip. it may help.)

the other day husband was watching it for the first time. on the episode, sue was being incredibly awkward about her crush on her older brother's friend. husband looked over to me and said "i bet this is what you were like then."

um, no. i mean, i was chubby and weird and everything but come on! this is television! nobody is really like that.

then, this morning, i could no longer deny it. husband said, "you still are like her! look at yourself!"

what was i wearing? pajama pants and a track hoodie (i wasn't even on the track team). my uncombed hair lay on my shoulders, tucked dorkily behind my ears.

"wow," he said, "really sexy. how do i keep my hands off you?"

the worst part? i was wearing my glasses. sue doesn't have glasses. i'm a whole new level of nerd.


Tom and Juli said...

That is too funny! We love that show, and my niece is totally Sue, but popular somehow. I'm afraid to admit that Arvilla is Brick. There are too many similarities to count.

Deanna said...

I just started watching that show! I think all Jr high girls are a little like Sue. That show is hilarious!

Anonymous said...

hahaha i freaking love that show!! and i totally disagree with jimmy, that isn't you at all. but i think every girl has been a version of her before (especially in those akward teen years)

Madalyn said...

hahahahahahahahahahahaha! Me and CJ always tease each other about things when we were younger. Because neither one of us knew each other back then it makes it even more funny!

Samantha said...

Whatever i think your Beautiful and i bet your glasses just make u look smarter!

Just SO said...

I've never watched the show. I've seen snippets here and there but very small ones.

And I bet you were incredibly sexy with your glasses et al.

Mon said...

bahahaha. I love that show. Also, join the (nerd) club. We have sweatshirts (that are cool, I promise).