Tuesday, October 19

a real classic.

pictures of the baby cleaning out the cupboards = classic. 

here's the busy little girl at work. i don't know if other kids are like this, but when she gets into things she does it very seriously. she isn't throwing stuff around and having fun, she has a furrowed brow most of the time. she looks as if she is concentrating and going through all the containers with some sort of purpose. the other day she sat in a pile of hangers and methodically moved them out from in front of her and made piles on each side. when some would slide back in front of her again, she'd scowl and move them away again. she's very certain about what she's doing.

notice the growling in the video: 



Kristina P. said...

Maybe she'll grow up to be a great organizer!

David & Ann said...

hahahaha- I'd say she's looking for food- methodically!

Saimi said...

I see no reason to buy toys!

Madalyn said...

O MY GOSH she is so cute!

e louise said...

look at you!! you've got your daughter trained to clean out your cubboards! i'd pay that little thing to clean out my fridge! does she know how to do that yet??