Thursday, October 21

his office.

ah, the office.
these days i think they're more commonly referred to as "man caves."
well, now my man has a cave. it started off subtly while we were moving some furniture.

"i guess we'll put my computer in that bedroom. it'll be easier for me to concentrate if it isn't in such a high traffic area."

"you know, if i put the guitar and the amp in that other room they won't mess up the look in the front room. they really just don't fit in there."

"i think i'll just move my jackets and motorcycle stuff into the closet in the bedroom. then you can have the hall closet all to yourself!"

"i guess now you can do whatever you want with all the other rooms in the house, since all my stuff will be in here."

don't think i didn't see what he was doing from the beginning. his concern for the cohesiveness of the decor, trying to get me excited about what i was going to do with all this new space - i knew what he wanted. he wanted an office and he was going to do anything to get it.
the same thing happened with the shotgun. oh? i didn't mention the new addition to the family? well, we needed it for home defense and to provide food. it'll be really useful when society shuts down and we're out on our own. it's also really fun to go play with at the shooting range - ahem. i can't wait to hear the reasons why we need crossbows, a pickup truck, a boat, an assault rifle, etc, etc.
the shotgun lives in the office, along with the fishing pole and tackle box, guitars, motorcycle gear, the weights, and all other such man things. too bad the walls in the room are pink.

his office is his to enjoy while it lasts.

oh, and here are a couple of pictures of the other rearranged rooms. good measure and all that.


David & Ann said...

WOW!! What a difference!! I can't wait till Christmas to see it in person- but from the pictures it looks AWESOME (love the shelves!!)

Saimi said...

What a beautiful home!! I love your floor decor in the last picture, I wonder where I can get one of those.

pefblog said...

like father, like son...

Kathleen said...

eric is the same way. we have a an upstairs loft and it is his man cave. i was not allowed to put up pictures or decorate. it was his room and he could put up his own posters and such. he loves it. lol

e louise said...

i love love love what you have done with your furniture!! looks great!!!!!

Just SO said...

I have to say that I love that the walls are pink. That is awesome. And you house looks so warm and cozy!