Friday, October 29


 last year i posted on my hair's progress since i got it cut about the same time we moved to georgia.
i couldn't resist posting another crappy, sepia-toned webcam picture to add to my the life-story of my hair.

post edit: i have been taking prenatal vitamins since june 2009, so that may be the reason my hair grows so fast. yes, i'm still taking them. they help me quite a bit.

where we started, october 2008:

last year, october 2009:

and this year, october 2010:

it's extra frizzy today, partly because ellie likes to pull on it all the time. hard. like, constant headache hard. i could put it up, but then she grabs hair right out from the top of my head and totally messes it up. even braids aren't safe, they just make for a more concentrated area to pull. 
it's also frizzy because i didn't blow dry it yesterday when i washed it. i can't let ellie take all the blame.
and one day, i'll spend money on my hair and quit cutting my own bangs.

also, in october 2010 i have a cute baby hanging out with me. she's smiling behind that paci.

until next year . . .


Just SO said...

You have seriously beautiful hair. I could let my hair grow for three years and it would probably only be to my chin. I swear.

..M.. said...

you are such a hot mamma!! And I hate you for how fast your hair grows;)

Kristina P. said...

You are adorable!

I love your short, sassy hair. I really like that look, but I feel it's not my best look either. I like longer.

Saimi said...

Oh my missy, you are so stinking cute and you look great with any style. I love the short look but I also love the longer hair too!

Your a lucky lady, most people can't pull of both styles!

pefblog said...

Beautiful girls!

e louise said...

geez send me over some of those wonder pills... i need my hair to grow!

Madalyn said...

Oh I SO desperatly wish my hair would grow that fast! It's been the same length for years!