Thursday, October 7

hey, good lookin'.

here's what i've got cookin':

my love affair with pumpkin began last year and now that he's in town again, i'm ready to get hot and heavy. made my perfect pumpkin cookies tuesday and husband brought home pumpkin shakes from mcdonalds (they're no shamrock, but they're still shakes). yum. yum. yum.

it is finally cooling off (we were stuck in the 90s up until last weekend) and the leaves in the yard are starting to change. ellie has an adorable new hoodie and we're ready.

oh, and i'm definitely sharing the pumpkin love with my little descendant.

i gave her a couple of pieces without chocolate chips.

however, she did try her first chocolate chip cookie yesterday.  a sweet little girl at playgroup decided to "share with baby" and when i turned around ellie had a chocolate coated face and two fists full of melty goodness. she scarfed up as much as she could before i wiped it all off (at least a half dozen wipes worth). it was possibly the best playgroup yet.


Saimi said...

Lovin those cookies!! And that Ellie, ya know she's gonna be a chocolate lovin girl!

Kristina P. said...

Chocolate is like the God of fall.

Just SO said...

McKenna's been asking me to make the pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. I guess I better get crackin'!

sunnydays photography said...

mmm. i'm obsessed too. bring it, chocolate & pumpkins!!!!
oh and that apron you made is ADORABLE! good on ya!

pefblog said...

Yum! Ellie eating cookies reminds me of Miles, aka cookie monster.

Samantha said...

She cant help it, chocolate is a girls best friend!