Friday, October 22


no, not the film. 
my posts. they have reached (gahhhhhhsp!) the 300 mark
seriously?! seriously. 
i feel like something crazy should happen here, like balloons falling or sirens wailing. 

you are reading my 300th post.
it also happens to fall right around the two-year anniversary of our move to georgia,
and therefore my blog is about two years old as well.
on top of that, ellie is eight months old today.

just for the occasion, ellie has perfected clapping and dancing. wednesday night we had a dance party and ellie just bopped and bopped until she (literally) dropped in the middle of the floor.

i wouldn't mind being able to post three hundred more memories just like that one.
i think i'll keep it up, this old blog of mine.

(here are a few pretty amateurish and pointless videos showcasing some of our elliebean's tricks. i'll apologize for the poor cinematography in advance. she loves bopping and clapping these days and she gets a little crazy-go-nuts sometimes. i'll have to get some better video of her dancing and clapping. it's, like, the best ever.)


Just SO said...

So cute!! I've been so poor at blogging lately. You are totally going to pass me in the amount of posts.

sisterwendy said...

Ellie is darling! As a grandma- I bet her grandma misses kissing and smooching her little face! Your posts help keep us grandmas grandbaby satisfied :) Love em <3

Kristina P. said...

Congrats on 300! You sure have a lot of cuteness to fill them with.

Saimi said...

Keep up the good work!! That little Ellie bean was a mere infant when I hopped on your blog. It's been a fun Journey!

Congratulations on reaching your 300th post!!

pefblog said...

300 marvelous blogs...keep up the entertaining work!!!

Madalyn said...

Holy moley... 300! I don't even think I'm a 100 yet lol.
Ellie is getting so big! I can't believe how time flies!

e louise said...

wow 300 is a lot of posts. i've done like 30. but then again i don't have an ellie to blog about! miss you guys!