Wednesday, October 13

dress design {for shabby apple dresses}.

preface: this post does not involve any adorable baby pictures and does involve me trying to win something kinda cool. just so that's out of the way. 

when i was little, my sisters and i had this stencil for designing clothes. you traced three mannequin silhouettes on your paper and then designed clothes for them. i think i spent an entire summer (at least) sketching and dreaming and designing. at one point i wanted to have my own clothing line more than anything else. so when i heard about this design contest, i couldn't help myself. at first i wasn't going to post them online because i feel so late in the game, but really, why not?

shabby apple is a site i drool over often, especially their maternity line (no, not expecting). if you haven't seen the dresses you should take a look but i'm warning you, you may like what you see too much. this is my favorite maternity dress.  

so here goes
my dress design(s) for shabby apple dresses:
(click the words shabby apple dresses for a link to the page, if you haven't already.)

they're for the spring season, so i felt like there was a sort of easter parade/cotillion thing going on with my brain. add that to all the seasons of mad men we have watched in the last month, you get ... these. 
the first is a pale pink chiffon-like on top with a couple of fabric flowers on the shoulder, made from that same material. the bottom would be a cotton with thin stripes of pinks, reds, and very light yellows.

i think the collar on this one is my favorite. i'm thinking a heavy cotton, so it lays right. big buttons down one side. i'm liking robin's egg blue for the color, but i think it would work well as a dress with a couple of color options - so i think a pale pink and an ivory would look good, too.

strangely enough, i got the inspiration* for the colors on this last one from something else i made. it would be a sort of shirt-dress look with a high collar and buttons all the way down. the fabric would be like a pinstripe shirt, light blue (can you even see that i tried to color that?). a big red flower on the shoulder would make it perfect, especially with some red lipstick/accessories. 

 so there you have it, my bit of fun for the day. if you gave it a look, thanks. :)

*the inspiration: a magazine collage cover for my recipe binder.


n.davis said...

so so so cute! you are so good at that bradie! i love all your ideas!

Scaliwag said...

Wanna Help me design my flapper dress? Mom and I bought material for it like a year ago and never got around to making a pattern. It's going to be black and gold.

Just SO said...

Oh Bradie you should SO win this!! Good luck. All of the ideas are fabulous.

Samantha said...

Its terrible i looked at the website and it sucked me in! I would totally buy those dresses you designed!

Joey Rachel Avery & Ansley said...

WOW Bradie you are talented!!! THe last one is my fav:) Good luck

David & Ann said...

I LOVE them ALL!! Good luck!

pefblog said...

I love the dress ideas. I can't wait to see them on you. Let me know if I can help. I will be sewing some maternity clothes in the very near future. No, not for me silly! Ann is pregnant! :D

Polka Dot said...

I love all of them--especially the blue! So lovely.