Sunday, October 3

another attempt at crafty-ness.

not craftiness. i'm not trying to be sneaky and devious.
i'm trying to make cool stuff appear using my own two hands. crafty.

here is my inspiration:

(check out all the beautiful aprons at anthropologie.)

and here is my finished product:

the picture quality is bad. we haven't had good light around here lately.
i wish i had the gorgeous fabrics and supplies that anthropologie has. also, a serger would be nice.
for now, i give this one a "not too shabby."


Saimi said...

That is darling!! Wow you little sewer you, very cute!

sisterwendy said...

Sew cute!! (sorry:) but it is fabulous! You are getting very crafty :) love your blog <3

We Three Zweigs said...

Serger or no serger, your project is adorable!!!!

Tom and Juli said...

Seriously that is way too cute! You could totally sell these if you wanted to!

pefblog said...

just love aprons...hint

Kathleen said...

i love it!

e louise said...

way to go! that looks amazing!! can't believe you used the same sewing machine i have!! mine could never produce something like that with me behind the pedal!

Madalyn said...

I want one! That is SO DANG CUTE! Good job!