Sunday, July 4

three cheers for the red, white and blue!

i haven't been out in the blogworld much lately. there are a number of reasons, but i'll get to them later on this week. (yes, there's a four month post coming soon.)

for today,
i'd just like to say that i'm glad to live in a land
where my daughter can fall asleep in her jogging stroller
(wearing an adorable hat and patriotic outfit)
being pushed along by her daddy
while i sip a humongous soft drink
and discuss with him plans to set up the brand new kiddie pool
and all the other yummy and fun things we'll do this weekend
after we've each eaten a giant piece of meaty pizza
and picked out a good thumping watermelon and several dozen weiners to roast
all during a tour of our local giant wholesale-to-the-public warehouse
where we enjoy low, low prices.

i can share this wonderful life with my own little american. hip, hip, hooray!

i've missed another nielsen 4th of july, but we only have 25 days until we'll be in utah.
maybe we'll do a little parade around the house today, just for good measure.


Kristina P. said...

She looks so darn cute!

Madalyn said...

Ya! Don't forget the parade :)

Tom and Juli said...

I am still on my Nielson 4th of July high from 3 years ago was it? haha. When I was on the phone with -person- and got stuck right by the parade.

Ellie's little sleeping face is the 3rd cutest baby sleeping face in the world (my kids being the first 2 of course!)

Saimi said...

Hip, Hip Hooray for the U.S.A. and a cute baby in the stroller of course!

Rachelle said...

ADORABLE! so that's a little amazing that you know jessa and kaera! what a small world! very, very cool ... and even cooler that i have pictures with your parents in them! i guess we were just suppose to be friends! haha. neato frito! she looks beautiful in her stroller.