Wednesday, July 28

mountains and sunsets.

 (the fowler focus; a sweaty, windblown mommy)

right now we should be on a plane, headed to visit my family in utah. 
(i say "should be" because i wrote this ahead of time.)

i have been trying to not think about the trip because it just makes me too excited and stressed (in a good way) and i am totally unable to function. i can't control my mind while i sleep, though, and i have been dreaming about mountains. 
i saw timpanogos in a dream and it was like my brain knew every little feature.

i've been dreaming about sunsets, too. 
of course, we have sunsets in georgia but they aren't quite the same. 

 (blue eyes; gettin' addicted early)

the other day, ellie and i took a little drive and i finally caught a decent sunset out in madison county. we had a drink the 'donalds parking lot and enjoyed the view, then drove a little further out into the farm country while the light disappeared. it was really peaceful. 

you may or may not hear from the fowlers during the next seven days. 

we are on vacation!

p.s. - would it be too weird if i asked you to send good vibes our way? 
because we have pretty bad luck when it comes to vacations.


Kristina P. said...

I hope you have an amazing time!

Kathleen said...

woohoo! i'm so excited to see you guys!!!

Nick and Emily said...

Are you in Utah???? when do i get to meet the new baby? i would love to do a free photoshoot for you while you're here. call me.

Anonymous said...

What the heck am I supposed to do for a week while you guys are casually just not writing in the blog?! What am I to read?!!? Come back soon with a detailed update.