Sunday, July 25

some rules were made to be ...


i broke some of my nursing dietary restrictions.
what's a little chocolate birthday cake? or some baked beans?
it's a week's worth of unsettled baby, that's what it is.
a week for each slip.

i'm pretty sure it's why ellie stopped sleeping through the night for the past two weeks.
my last infraction was last sunday evening and last night was the first time she's slept through the night since i had that chocolate cake on july 10. combine that with the extreme stress i'm battling and the unbelievable heat/humidity and it makes for one pooped momma.

at least i have a dreamy peanut butter pie (with nutter butter crust) to pick me back up.

oh, and an ellie in a box:

in this one you can really see her blue eyes and light colored hair (yes, she is slowly but surely getting more hair). it looks kinda strawberry blonde to me. i think her eyes just keep getting bluer and bluer. what do you think?


Kathleen said...

she is so darling. i feel like i know what you mean about the heat and humidity even though we aren't living in the south. Our swamp cooler isn't cooling down the house and it is just getting humid in here. so it's been about 80 degrees and humid in the house and almost 100 outside.

Saimi said...

Ahhh, the heat. some days it's so hard to beat!! I like your idea of eating chocolate cake though, might have to give that one a try!

Baby in a box, who needs toys!

Madalyn said...

Baby in a box is my favorite.