Tuesday, July 20

time flies.

with the arrival of two beautiful new second cousins,
one from daddy's side and one from mommy's side
(darla ruth, july 14 and ixchel taylor, july 19)
i've been thinking back to that cold february day when our little eleanor marie made her debut.

here she is, just over two weeks old:

aaaand here she is, four and a half months:

she'll be five months on thursday!!

it wasn't very long ago, but it is still hard to believe she was ever that small.
or that helpless.
or that immobile.
or that quiet ...

oh, she's the world's best rascal.


Deanna said...

What a beautiful baby!

Rachael Thomas said...

She seriously is so cute.

Saimi said...

She really is adorable and I love those chubby little cheeks of hers!

How did you come up with her name, it's so pretty and elegant.