Friday, July 16


judge is ellie's best friend.
i'm not sure how he feels about her, though.
now that she's interested in playing he isn't so keen on the idea.
he does like to curl up by her feet when she sleeps.

i have a video of her playing with judge, but blogger will not let me load videos.
so you're missing out on seeing her laugh and play with a dog
(in the video, he leaves the room and her face gets soooo sad).
so everyone complain to blogger! or teach me how to do it right!

in the meantime, here we are playing computer:

kinnnn jgv
b vvvvbbbp
= ..jkl / czxxxzx bx6t obb 9. i9 '/*'
00 mk
0u, hgss z, sdg. /

(that's what ellie had to say on the matter.)

(she also opened a few random applications i didn't even know existed.)


Kristina P. said...

She is so wise!

Rachelle said...

love those photos! sooo sweet!

Abby Boswell said...

I upload videos at

Joey Rachel & Avery said...

you are such an adorable mommy!!!

Scaliwag said...

AWH ya know, I was kinda having a bummer day but this made it all better. I LOVE YOU TWO and miss you.

Linds and Allen said...

Kind of glad you couldn't upload the video b/c if I had to watch an Ellie and Judge playdate, I probably would have cried. Our little Siren just died last week and we are so sad that our little girl is not going to have her as a playmate.

Madalyn said...

One word and one word only.... DARLING!