Monday, July 19

live-action baby!

grab some popcorn!!
because (finally) here are some movies that i've been trying to get on the blog for weeks!
sorry, i know this is not your usual glance-and-go post, 
but you get to see this baby in action.
 warning: i'm not going to win any awards for cinematography, editing or directing. 

 some giggles:

some doggie love:

and a reece's pieces monster:


Saimi said...

Wow, she is really aware of everthing thats going on! I love how when you asked her where judge is she looked in that direction.

For only being four months I can't believe how she gets around. She wiggled her way right to that box. But then again, it had it's possibilities of a chocolate reward. What girl wouldn't work her way towards that HA!

She is so fun and now my mouth is watering for baby belly kisses!

..M.. said...

that little rugrat is going to start crawling soon!! what a cutie pie- and she LOVES judge!

Kristina P. said...

She is honestly the happiest baby ever.

Brynn said...

she looks so happy and content and I love how naked she is. ;)
thanks for your sweet comment on my blog- you're the best brades.

erynn louise said...

she is so cute! ahh what a smart little niece i have! can't wait to see her, and make more movies! i love to see her getting around!