Wednesday, July 21

uh, where's the baby?

lame joke.
that's what daddy said when he saw beanie wearing the outfit her aunt tatum found for her.

months and months ago, my sisters and mom sent a package full of baby clothes in the mail.
"you'll know which one i picked," my sister told me.
she was right. totally tatum. tatum, next year's ffa president. tatum, who is my only sister who has brown hair and eyes, like me. tatum, who went skeet shooting with her prom group. tatum, who is raising her own little sheep! tatum, who is one of the toughest girls i know. tatum, tatum, tatum.

(stole these from her facebook.)

well, i think ellie has decided she is a girly girl.
well, maybe she doesn't like being a photo opportunity or the butt of a joke. sorry, tatum, i tried.
(well, really, i think she was hungry.)


Kristina P. said...

Haha! We saw that at Cabela's! My husband was in heaven.

Saimi said...

I don't think she was hungry..HA!

Kathleen said...

she looks miserable, cute but miserable. haha

erynn louise said...

hehe thats funny!! wonder what she'd like of a hunters orange onesy.

Madalyn said...

haha I heart Tatum's sense of style lol and I think Ellie looks so darn cute!

Just SO said...

Bahaha! That is hilarious!