Thursday, July 8

finally over it.

i had this long-term relationship. three years. it finally had to end when i moved away and there was just no way to make it work long distance. it has been over a year and i have been slowly but surely working on getting over it. yesterday, i think i really hit a milestone. i could finally say
"i don't need you anymore."

this relationship wasn't with a person. it was with a place - a place called sundance.

i worked in the deli at the sundance resort for three years. i also worked as an ambassador for the events and i helped in the general store from time to time. i got addictions to fine jewelry, celebrity-sightings and gourmet food.

i got used to eating amazing pastries every day. and bacon. and fresh fruit. and smoothies. and ice cream. things that i never really ate growing up - artichoke hearts, feta cheese, kalamata olives, hummus, avocados, horseradish, pastrami - these were at my disposal whenever i wanted them. i had freedom to create new menu dishes using whatever ingredients were available (and most things were available). i even learned to like foods that i had despised, like cucumbers and green peppers.

when i moved to georgia i found myself buying groceries and eating at home. it took a long time to get used to my new life. i couldn't just go grab a bowl of soup or fill up my soda cup or eat a cookie unless i bought it and made it myself. over time i found myself making little strides toward a life without sundance.

i have successfully made apple turnovers, corn chowder, chipotle sauce, dutch apple pie, cinnamon rolls, chicken salad and many other tasty things. things that i thought i wouldn't see the likes of after leaving sundance.

then, last week, i made this salad:

the next day, i had a wrap with lettuce, pepperoni, olives, mozzerella, artichoke hearts and light caeser dressing. for dinner, chicken quesadillas with homemade guacamole and salsa.

finally, yesterday, i did it.
i made a blueberry rhubarb bar.

a friend from church had this recipe on her blog for rhubarb bars and i modified it. next time, i'm adding chopped walnuts to the oat mix and i will have it perfected.

i ate one for breakfast this morning and i thought,

"i don't need you anymore. i can do it myself."

now if i can only get the mountains in my backyard
(but never have to drive in bad weather conditions),
i'll be set.


Rachelle said...

that is so crazy that you worked in there! smalllll world. :) and thanks for making me hungry....haha. that salad looks AMAZING! what a little chef you are. :)

Brynn said...

ohhhhh i feel ya girl. i can say i'm over it, too but the food! i miss the food BAD. the tortilla soup with avacado! the salmon the night chefs would so graciously give me for smoothie exchanges. the fresh fruit and bacon-- yes, we worked our tail feathers off but we did have a pretty sweet set up. when you come back to utah you going to visit? take me with you-- i haven't been since last summer.

Kathleen said...

the blueberry rhubarb bar looks amazing. what is your recipe that you modified?? i've never tried rhubarb but i'm always curious about it.

..M.. said...

ohhhh my goodness i love those bars. geeze i think i gained 30 pounds working there.. haha good times for sure:)