Monday, July 5

american weekend.

we had a seriously fun weekend.
it was our first three-day holiday weekend with daddy since he started his new schedule and it actually felt like a real vacation. we spent time eating way too much (because it was so good!), hanging out with our friends and family and playing with our baby.

miles and ashlyn came over and set off fireworks on the fourth. they got a whole bunch of them from working in a stand during the weekend. judge was scared and watched from inside the sliding glass door, but ellie loved it. she was fascinated. our neighbors were setting off some great big (read: illegal) fireworks and she liked those, too. it isn't like utah, where you can sit on your roof anywhere you live and see the city's fireworks. the trees and hills make it impossible to see the show unless you actually go somewhere to see it, so we were glad that our neighbors decided to bend some rules and give us a show. (another difference from utah - we probably couldn't have started a grass fire without trying really, really hard.)

it's back to work and life today.
ellie and i will probably play in the kiddie pool again and i'll try to finish off the watermelon.
have i mentioned that i love my job?

and only 22 days until we'll be in utah.
if anybody has some good tips about plane travel with an infant, i'd appreciate it.
i have some ideas already, but i could always use more. i would like to try and annoy as few passengers as possible and keep my baby smiling.


Kristina P. said...

Looks like a great weekend. I love three-day weekends.

Brynn said...

sweet fireworks. i was so lame-- i didn't take pictures of ANY. make sure you have my number cause i wanna see you when you get to utah. lets do lunch!!

{davis family} said...

you guys are awesome! looks like you had so much fun! we should get together when you're in utah!