Friday, July 9

girl's weekend.

one of the reasons i was absent from the blog is this:

daddy was gone the last weekend in june. he went to his sister's wedding in d.c./virginia. unfortunately, the drive would have been a bit much for our screamy ellie, so she and i stayed home with judge (i know, boooooooo!).

we had a girl party ... well, girls and doggie party. stories, dumb tv shows, sewing, the young victoria, ice cream, etc.

i was able to catch a little bit of laughter on camera while we played,

but blogger has been a real pain in the butt and won't let me load the video.
boooooooooo. hissssssssss.

at least we had a few smiles --
because we also had an emergency trip to the vet
(we have finally won the war against the fleas, though!).
oh, and a late night trip to the store after we lost the last pacifier. screaming allllll the way.
oh, and both nights we passed out on the couch after bedtime screamfests.

we were so glad to see daddy. we sure missed him.

and, as much as i would have loved to be at the wedding, i'm glad that i spent the weekend with a fussy child at home and not in the car.

also, there was a lovely open house the week after the wedding at it was here in georgia. thank heavens. it was much easier and still very fun to go celebrate david and ann.

i also spent the rest of that week making this for the open house
(and there is another reason i wasn't active on the internet - sewing with a baby around is almost impossible):

and i found a very similar one for ellie to wear. matchy-matchy fun. we'll get a picture sometime.

oh, and, in case you were wondering, this is what ellie was doing while i was wrapped up in my sewing project:


Kristina P. said...

I love that dress. I love dresses in general!

Kathleen said...

very cute! i love the dress and i am way impressed that you sewed it! i'm attempting to teach myself how to sew. its been a rocky road.

Saimi said...

Very impressive sewing, and the dress looks so darling on you. Can't wait to see mother and daughter in their matching dresses!!

Glad to hear Judge is all better and those nasty fleas are gone!

Madalyn said...

I want a sewing machine even more now! The dress is really cute!

Just SO said...

Look at you! That dress is adorable. Grandma Louise I'm sure is a smiling down.

sisterwendy said...

Brady- you are just so dang cute. Great job on the dress!