Tuesday, June 29

daddy's little home improvement.

a few months before ellie arrived, we got a little care package from daddy's work.

now daddy's little girl is big enough for her shirt!

daddy immediately demanded prints. he also demanded prints of the sunglasses pictures. he also wants mommy + baby pictures for the wallet. he also wants to put all our ellie videos on a dvd, just in case the computer dies.

uh, somebody's in love.
it's okay, she's in love, too.


Saimi said...

What a darling shirt, it matches her smile!

Kristina P. said...

So cute!

Deanna said...

She really is beautiful!

Madalyn said...

I love her smile! She precious! And that's so cute how proud he is of his new improvment

David & Ann said...

I knew james would be a great dad!! can Aunt Ann "demand" prints too? or if emailed can I get prints made with some of my wedding photos?

special request, are there any photos of you, ellie and james all together?