Tuesday, June 22

fighting sleep.

our little bean fights sleep. literally.
she's really great at waking up. most of the time she wakes up smiling, unless she isn't ready to be awake yet. when it comes to falling asleep . . . it's a literal fist fight. she has to have something to hold with both hands or she will punch and grab at the air, knocking her pacifier out of her mouth, which keeps her from falling asleep. sometimes i let her hold my fingers, other times we put toys in her way.

sometimes it takes a whole army to help her sleep.
i have a feeling that i'll be saying goodnight to a bed full of toys before long.


Tom and Juli said...

That picture is too sweet! Clark is the same way, I have to give him things to hold on to so he won't hit my face or pull my hair when I'm trying to put him down. Silly babies.

Deanna said...

It sounds like she doesn't want to miss anything by being asleep! She is so cute!

Madalyn said...