Friday, June 25

new flava faves.

in this new, unexplored chocolate-and-caffeine-free world, i have some new favorite treats.
i thought i would share my new found yummmmmms.

red vines.
uh, red vines + mr. pibb = crazy delicious.
also, it is perfect with a movie and popcorn.

white fudge almond divinity ice cream.
by blue bunny. the fudge stripe is fantastic.

diet root beer.
well, not barqs.
i'm almost jealous of you people in utah who have caffeine-free everything.

reece's pieces.
almost m&ms. almost.

caramel anything.

if you have any other suggestions, let me know.
stay tuned for some serious concoctions.

i got all these pictures from google images.


Deanna said...

Try Blue Bell ice cream. They sell it in the south, so you should be in luck. My favorite is Groom's cake... but it is chocolate--all of their ice cream is wonderful!

Tom and Juli said...

Yum, I totally want candy now! Red Vines are my favorite thing ever, for as big of a chocoholic as I am, I would kill for red vines.

Um, Suggestions? Caramel Bugles. Yup.

A couple other favs... Dried Pineapple and Juicy Oozer gummy bugs.

Saimi said...

Ok, stop already!! You had me at the red vines!! Although I could add one more thing to top it off and that would be Jelly Bellys!!

It's party time!!

Adam and Abby Boswell said...
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Adam and Abby Boswell said...

White fudge almond divinity ice cream with a the fudge stripe. That sounds like a sugar coma. I want some!

Madalyn said...

Funny you mention Red Vines.... CJ is ADDICTED!!!! A Diet Coke, and some Red Vives would be his meal choice if I'd let it happen. And now thanks for my candy crave :)

Rachelle said...

love, love diet rootbeer. i think it tastes the least "diet", that and diet DrP. That post made me hungry. :)