Tuesday, June 1

quality entertainment.

just watchin' tv.
wait! before you turn me in to child services for melting her infant brain,
let me tell you what she was watching.

no, not little einstein.

it was billy madison.
she is in love with adam sandler.
guess it's in her blood.
also, she liked the sounds of the kids screaming and laughing.
(though i could just invite some kids to come run crazy around the house.)

hey, it kept her quiet for a little while.

okay okay, now
you can turn me in.


{davis family} said...

hahahahah. so funny! sometimes tv is just ok, you get so much more done with a built in babysitter.

she's darling.

Saimi said...

The girl's a rocker! Too funny!

Tom and Juli said...

Too cute! Arvilla always liked watching when the MOTAB would perform on tv when she was that age.

Kristina P. said...

I am a big fan of using the TV as a babysitter. :)