Wednesday, June 9

not quite crawling.

but what do you even call this?

inchworm practice? a creeping tantrum? the one-man wheelbarrow?

whatever it is, she sure hates it.

somehow, she very slowly and very angrily makes her way across the floor (if i don't let her start screaming and give up, that is). she also can roll over, but she chooses not to do it most of the time. such attitude.


pefblog said...

Ellie is just the most amzing inchworm...bravo Ellie!

Madalyn said...

Oh, that's great, good for her! And way to cheer her on from the sidelines! You seems like a great mom.

erynn louise said...

haha you better be careful, she's not gonna have much hair if she keeps rubbin her head on the carpet like that!

Just SO said...

Go Ellie! Don't give up!