Tuesday, June 1


i was cleaning out the fridge today and i couldn't get ellie to stop squirming and whining in the other room. i plopped her in her bumbo and sat her right next to me as i cleaned. she continued whining, but slowly her limbs started to relax. finally she stopped her little protests and started staring off into space, as if her little brain was on vacation.

i went into the other room for one second and when i came back i almost fell over laughing - silent laughter, of course. i wasn't about to wake my tired girl.

oh, and so far the caffeine experiment isn't going so well. she is still ornery and now i just have constant headache. next item to cut: chocolate. boo, boo, boo.


Saimi said...

You must be having so much fun with that lil' Ellie! I love all the cute moments you capture and share, I also like your new blog background!

Just SO said...

Oh I love the new header!!

And I love Ellie! She's so cute!

Now...come over here and clean my fridge.

We Are Three said...

Next time this happens I would strongly encourage you to casually place dress up items on the babe: large flowers, hats, scarves, etc. It would be a cute overload and let's be honest, just plain hilarious.

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

LOL, I LOVE when babies fall asleep in random places!! So cute!

Rachelle said...

adorable! she's just a beauty! love, love, love these pictures