Thursday, June 17

the summertime cold.

we've been sick. ellie started with a little cough and then i got a full-blown cold. it's my first time being sick as a mom and her first time being sick ever. so far i'm pretty sure i've had the worse end of this deal. she's fine for the most part, just a cough here and there. seeing as i'm nursing, i haven't wanted to take a whole lot of medication (i tried a little and it made her really drowsy) and i'm suffering. also, no caffeine means no excedrin means no break from this sinus headache. on top of that, she decided it would be fun to not take naps and scream all afternoon unless she was being walked around the house. we have really loved that game.

anyway, we've been enlisted daddy and it has been okay. ellie has discovered that she likes toys and it helps keep her happy. now we just need to find the magic fairy that cleans up our messes and brings me giant caffeine-free diet cokes and red vines on demand. cheesecake and ice cream would be nice, too.


Scaliwag said...

AWH shes got her daddy's smile

sunnydays photography said...

that pic is soooo cute! happy girl. :)
bummer you've been sick. no fun attal!

Anonymous said...

i love the last picture! look how big her smile is!!

Wonder Woman said...

We're starting to get the sickies around here and I am NOT looking forward to it! One note, though: I've had a crazy intense week and have taken excedrin migraine probably 4 different days. I haven't noticed a difference in my baby. I know things are different for you -- you're already off chocolate, so caffeine might really affect Ellie, but I just thought I'd let you know. My doc said it was okay.