Tuesday, September 1

Baby stuffs. I'm stuffed!

Last night I felt like I had suddenly doubled in size. I stepped on the scale to see if I had gained any weight (because I haven't so far) and I had gained three pounds! Then I realized I was wearing my bathrobe. I took it off and I lost two of those pounds. So one pound!

I have gained a couple of baby items this past week. My mother-in-law found some great consignment deals on brand name baby stuff and we hooked the trailer up to the Ford Focus and went to get them. Of course, by the time we got there, it was pouring rain. That's the leftovers from the hurricane/storm season sloshing up on us.

Anyway, this is baby's first bed (and baby's first giraffe, hanging out):

We also picked up a beautiful high chair and diaper bag. We're slowly stocking up so that we aren't rushing around when baby is about to come and it's the Christmas shopping season (or immediately after). It helps me, too. Waiting and waiting and stressing and worrying really gets to me, so slowly doing a little at a time really makes me feel better.

We have a couple of other cute things. The other day a little care package came in the mail from my hardware husband's employers. It turns out they have a softer side:

I have some pregnancy journals and other little things like that, and of course I have "What to Expect When You're Expecting."

It's all really happening - I'm even pregnant in all of my dreams (it's probably because I can't ever really get comfortable while I'm sleeping). Last night I whined to husband something like "When am I going to be comfortable again in my life?!" He laughed and said "I think it's gonna be a while." Then he handed me one of his pillows to stuff underneath my lower back because I wouldn't stop complaining that my tailbone hurt.


SO said...

That giraffe is adorable! And so is the bassinet. And how cute is that onesie?

It's good to start getting things a little at a time.

Scaliwag said...

it's so cute.
and i hope your baby will like wearing dinosaur clothing weather it's a boy or a girl cos i'm buy it clothing.
that baby will one happy lil' fowler.

erynn louise said...

fun fun!! that is so exciting! that must be so weird collecting baby stuff...

Pauline McLain said...

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