Saturday, September 26

Rain, rain, rain.

Hey Georgia.
Remember how, when we moved here, you were having this big drought and everything? Well, I think you must be bipolar - what's up with this record flooding anyway?

I mean, so far we haven't been washed away but it has been raining almost constantly for over 12 days now (minus one, I think). What's going on? We like the rain but I'm just wondering about this sudden all-or-nothing attitude when it comes to water.

It really doesn't help that you're doing this at the exact time I am craving all kinds of things that I have to go to the store to get.

Also, Judge is bored. He wakes up excited to go outside and when I open the curtains and he sees the rain he just sits and stares. It's very sad.

(That's not the best picture, but that is the face he makes when I tell him he has to go out there to do his business.)

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