Wednesday, September 28

the great goat mystery.

you may remember back in january, during the days of the snowpocalypse, that my parents came to visit.

while they were here, they gave ellie a little farm. the set of animals included a horse, a cow, a pig, a sheep, and a goat.

after we opened it up, set up the toys and started playing, we realized that someone was missing.

where was the goat?

i remembered seeing it, because at first i thought it was the funniest looking horse i had ever seen. then i realized it was a goat.

so the goat had made it inside the house.

after looking and looking, i finally decided that the goat had either been accidentally thrown out with the box or he had fallen down the heater vent with the broken cover.

we weren't ever going to see that goat again.

nine months later (really!), it is five in the morning and i'm getting ready to drive husband to work.

i decide to put on my $2-clearance-fake-uggs since it is finally sixty-ish degrees outside.

as i put my right foot in the boot, i feel something hard.

guess who i found peeking back at me?

the missing goat! 

even better for my story, ellie had left her entire herd of farm friends together in her room before bed the night before.

when i woke her up to get ready to get in the car, she groggily scooped them all into her arms and began to stumble around with them.

"ellie," i said, "come see what i found!"

she brought all the friends into my room and saw the goat sitting on the bed.

she was puzzled for a minute, then smiled, laughed and started lining them all up.

she spent the rest of the morning lining them up in different places around the house and counting them.

she even said "goat!" when i told her what it was.

like it was never missing at all.

so ends the goat mystery of 2011.

i'll never quite know how it got in the boot.

although ellie is notorious for stuffing toys in boots, a tiny part of me thinks that maybe grampa brad thought it might be a funny little surprise (he just didn't know how long it would take for us to find it!).

who knows? but we're happy to have him back.

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erynn said...

i remember mom talking about how it was missing and she had looked through all of their stuff thinking maybe they accidentally got sent home with it. so glad the animal family is complete!