Tuesday, September 27

i like it!

the other song!

the other day she was in the car singing
"a-die-dit, a-yite-it, a-die-dit, a-yite-dit."

i couldn't figure it out for the life of me.
luckily, daddy was in the car and was able to translate:

"i tried it, i like it!"

i couldn't find the original song, but it is from yo gabba gabba (of course).
there is a new food to try and they sing:
"try it, you'll like it!" and when brobee tries it he says "i tried it, and now i like it!"

and this is her singing it
(and some distracted talk about who is a princess - including the little girl we babysit, sloan):

she is really getting to a point where she is communicating more than babbling. she asked for yogurt for breakfast and when i gave it to her she said "where's the spoon?"

hang on a second!


Tom and Juli said...

Oh I love it! Even though Arvilla is older I bet they would be best friends, Ellie reminds me a lot of her.

I did watch the videos on your previous blog too and I just love how princess sounds like person. Haha. You have a very adorable little girl!

Ash said...

Loving all the Ellie videos! Miles and I just watch them over and over again and giggle.

And "where's the spoon?" Could she be any smarter??

Alison said...

ah! she kinda sounds like brobie when she says it too! sooo cute! when eric and I want to bug each other when we're frustrated we sing, "keep trying, keep trying don't give up, you'll get it right..." hahaha. Love gabba.

also send soup recipes over! I don't have any i love with potatoes other than potato leek!