Wednesday, September 7

over the weekend...

we didn't do much over labor day weekend.

husband said at one point: "do people have barbeques or something?"
i replied: "i think so. sometimes they go camping, too. or on a trip."

i think this is only our second labor day weekend without having to work at least one of the three days and we're still not really sure how holidays work. we do know how to relax, though.

ellie and i looked at some adorable puppies with the only aunt in georgia (and we saw bunnies, hamsters and kittens, too). we ate frozen yogurt and pizza. we drank way too many diet root beers. we played with family and friends.

a few little things i want to remember:

- finding magnetic letters and princess stickers hidden in ellie's boots.

- watching ellie fight sleep while listening to her daddy tell the most outrageous versions of fairy tales i have ever heard. (i'm not kidding. at one point, goldilocks was making an alliance with the great eagle of the forest and there was something about the three little pigs going off to college to learn about architecture.)

- the entire family (including dog) cuddling on the bed and watching daddy's show (top shot) and then mommy's show (project runway) on the tiny laptop.

and the past few days it has finally been raining, really raining. dark and all day raining. it is even a little bit (gasp!) chilly.

i couldn't be happier. we're getting closer to autumn every minute.

and i stink at taking pictures, so here's a video that's a few days older. i'm sure it isn't too different from what happened over the weekend, though. 

it's sideways. sorry.

she's counting her food, which lately she does instead of eating it. she's also wearing the shirt she picked from old navy clearance. good find at 97 cents, right?


David and Ann said...

aw!!! I'm glad you guys got to relax- and it's true, James tells the BEST stories and he's a great daddy!! I can't wait for Jon to get to play with Uncle James & he will be big enough to really play!! And you're right, pininterest is a lot of fun :D

Kira Dee said...

Oh My Goodness, Brady!! She is the cutest thing ever!! And so smart! I love that she decided the bowl was a hat! hehee!! So cute!!

Michelle+Ellie said...

Hahaha she is the cutest!!

Ash said...

I think James should write a book of fairytales. I would read it to our future kids every night.

And the video of Ellie counting is the cutest thing I've ever seen. She is so dang smart.

Saimi said...

What a little smarty pants!! Her hair looks so cute, it's really getting long!

erynn said...

i may sound like a broken record (kind of like ellie with the number 9) but she is too cute and i miss you guys so much!

Scaliwag said...

It's official instead of 4 coming after 3 it's now "goo" :)