Tuesday, September 13

magic in my middle.

if you want to skip my pregnant ramblings about cookies and get straight to the cute video, scroll down.

i made these wonderful magic in the middle cookies yesterday.

that's what happens when i am temporarily stuck at the house during the day. we're still down one vehicle, so during the work day i have no way to go out and buy whatever bag of halloween candy my heart (i mean, the baby's heart) desires... so i bake.

i'm telling myself that it is helping to teach my daughter manners, because the only time i can get her to consistently say "thank you" is when i am handing her a cookie.

anyway, you have to try these cookies sometime. the ingredients are things that most people usually just have on hand, too. that's what i love.

the recipe i found via the girl who ate everything,  but it was a guest post from gonna want seconds.

when i made them, i found that i didn't exactly end up with 30 one inch balls - more like 18. when i tried to cram the balls i made inside the dough, i ended up with six huge cookies (not that there is anything wrong with huge cookies!). i ended up cutting each little ball in half and wrapping it in the cookie.

also, i was craving a salty sweet treat, so i mixed some coarse sea salt with sugar and sprinkled it on top of each cookie, then pressed it with a glass.  i highly recommend it, if you like the salty side of sweet.

speaking of vehicles, this commercial made me laugh so hard yesterday.

i can hardly complain, though, because in our car we only have about 10% tantrums and 90% this:


Michelle+Ellie said...

okay three things: first of all, those cookies look INSANELY good! ahhh and two: that commercial is hilarious, because that is how my ellie acts sometimes, and three: your ellie is such a good little singer! and i lied...theres a fourth thing: I saw Gracie last night and we both agreed that you need to make a Utah trip so that we can have a deli night!
The end.

Ash said...

Those look amazing. Miles and I were just talking about how we like cookies that are just the right amount salty. And Ellie is, as always, too cute. I love how she sing "lmnop"

Kristina P. said...

Ellie is such a cutie!

And those cookies look to die for.

erynn said...

i have made those yummy cookies before!! (believe it or not) that recipe went straight into my cook book of keeps. i loved ellie's singing, even if the video did make me a little motion sick. xoxo love you all!

Scaliwag said...

will you make some and send them to me? I really want some haha