Friday, September 9

miss bedhead's latest accomplishments.

want to hear some funny little things ellie has been doing lately?
i thought so.

when asked a question, she has started wrinkling up her eyebrows and saying "ummmmmmmm?" like she's thinking hard about her answer.

she has really started to figure out how to use her words. yesterday i told her to go get daddy for dinner, so she ran into his office. he said, "hi ellie, what do you need?" she said, "ummmmmmmm..." then looked at him, said "let's go!"and waited for him to follow her to the kitchen.

she loves having conversations with us. i ask her about her dreams every morning. "did you dream about pumpkin pie? did you dream about horses?" sometimes she will laugh and say "noooope," but other times she will hear me mention something and she'll go on and on about it. unfortunately i can't understand much. last night, before bed, she sat on daddy's lap and answered his questions. my favorite question: "do you like mommy?" her response was a vigorous nod of her head, because her mouth was full (awww).

she's making a lot of small sentences. instead of pointing at things and saying their names, she'll say "it's a box" or "it's dada." she likes to tell stories, and like i mentioned, we can't really understand most of them. she's getting there, though. she played on the swings with daddy the other day at the park and afterward she came to me and pointed to the swing and said "dada, sit. weeeee!"

she also says "oooh!" a lot and "oh! wow!"
along with "uh-oh," she has started saying "whoops!" 

and i didn't realize how often i say "alright" because she says it a lot, too.
"ellie, want to get dressed?" "um, awight."

she has started to pay a lot more attention to what we're watching. she has liked watching kid shows on tv for while now. she loves nature shows. for some reason it doesn't bother her to watch lions and cheetahs hunt, but i guess she has a thing for baby seals. she saw a polar bear attack one and she yelled "no! no! no! bear! bear!" maybe gazelles just aren't as cute as seals? she also got really wrapped up in toy story 3 today. when the monkey started to attack she said "no! no! no!" and i had to convince her it would be fine.

she loves to make her toys kiss. farmer kisses cow, horses kiss horses - and mommy and daddy have to kiss the toys, too. she smiles so big when she sees mommy and daddy hug each other and kiss (and she absolutely loves getting a sandwich hug from mommy and daddy and being attacked with kisses). what a girl. she's in love with love already.

one last little thing: she's a girl after my own heart. i made cookies the other day and she was being extra polite, saying "please" and "thank you" every time she got a bite. when i was taking the cookies off the racks and putting them away, she started screaming and crying in terror. she didn't want those "tuutties" going anywhere.

our little girl is growing up so fast. i keep wanting to call her a baby but she just isn't really a baby at all. it's sad and exciting and fun.

all i can say is that we love her. 


Saimi said...

What's not to love, and those cheeks, oh my gosh I bet you can't stop kissing those!

We Three Zweigs said...

love this post, so adorable.

David and Ann said...

aww!! she's wonderful- I told the people from RAISE (jon's physical therapist) all that Ellie could do, yeah I love to brag about her, and there were amazed- they even watched the video of her running at 8 months!! thank you for keeping us updated!!

sunnydays photography said...

love. it. all.

the cuteness level raises every single day with this one! (i know a similar lady like that) ;)

erynn said...

she looks a lot like you in the last picture. so glad you gave jimmy a tornado instead of a daughter. lol jk. love ya!!

Linds and Allen said...

Her bedhed is awesome. It's like she didn't have hair and all of a sudden...crazy hair. Adorable!

Ash said...

We love her little noggin. My favorite part is her saying Um awight, because you do say that a lot! It must be so funny to hear the things you say coming out of baby.