Monday, September 26

going a little bit crazy.

ellie is getting her eye teeth right now. her canines. her sharp, pointy mouth things.
from what i understand, these are usually the worst teeth to cut.

from personal experience, it sure makes for one cranky baby.
her brand of cranky is mostly crazy. she gets sudden urges to do all sorts of dangerous and naughty things and then gets hurt and cries and does it all over again (or we stop her from doing whatever dangerous, naughty thing and she cries and screams and then does it all over again - you pick).

she has become even more hilarious than normal, though. i made a couple of videos last night of the ellie experience. you'll have to forgive the shaky camera, because she was putting her feet on my arms while i was trying to film it. she also puts her fingers up to the lens a lot. oh well, it just makes the experience that much truer. you don't get to hold still around ellie.

also, we are really loud! turn down your volume, maybe? 

video one: 

ellie started singing two songs spontaneously yesterday. by spontaneously i mean: i have sung them to her before and she never joined in with me, then suddenly yesterday she started singing them out of nowhere.

i have yet to get the second song on video, so i'm going to wait to tell what it is because it is just toooooo cute. here she is singing "Jesus wants me for a sunbeam." she had been singing it all afternoon and through her bathtime.

(notice at the beginning she wants "gabba," because she thinks my phone only exists so we can watch yo gabba gabba clips on it.)

(she also says "good job!" at the end.)

video two:

ellie has been getting into the princess thing. she was walking around all day saying "i'm a princess!" but it sounds like she is saying "i'm a person!" she also loves yo gabba gabba so much that she says "my name is ellie! i like to dance!"

for those of you who haven't seen the show: 

that is what they do on the show. there are about four kids per episode that do a special dance. (i had no idea how many crazy videos they make of these kids on youtube...)

it took me a minute to figure out she had switched gears.

both of these were recorded at bedtime, when she is hitting her wild little peak. it's fun but really exhausting. when she finally hits the sack i think everyone is paralyzed for about twenty minutes. 

and this is why i am always tired and sore. she's a workout. and i love her. 


Ash said...

Haha! That little girl did the robot!

Ellie's so funny. I wish I had her in nursery because she actually sings the songs.

Michelle+Ellie said...

my ellie LOVES yo gabba gabba! those videos are adorable. i love the hyper-right-before-bedtime stage:)

pefblog said...

Thanks for posting the videos.

erynn said...

i about choked on my goldfish i was eating while watching that last one. haha i watched it so many times i think i can speak ellie now. so cute!

Saimi said...

HA! Now I have the Sunbeam song stuck in my head! She's so fun an silly not to mention adorable...wait I have mentioned that before!

Just SO said...

She is so cute!!! Love it!