Friday, September 23

fall? possibly?

{insert awesome fall picture here}
(sigh. i'll get one eventually. maybe later this afternoon?)

i'm having a hard time admitting that it is actually fall. yes, the leaves are finally starting to change a little and it has finally been raining a little more... but it is still in the 80s all the time and it just doesn't feel like fall without boots and a light jacket. or lots of pumpkin food. or soup and bread for dinner a few times a week.

i did roast an acorn squash last night and it was delicious. however, the hot chocolate i had the other morning was a bit much. i don't think i cooled off all day.

i keep thinking about last fall, when i had a little wobbler instead of a little toddler. it seems like it has been years since then!

ellie bean says at least one new word every day, usually more. she's just so smart (too smart?). last night she asked for applesauce for dinner, though we hadn't eaten or talked about applesauce in days. when i opened the fridge, she started telling me what foods she saw and finally decided that she would rather have a "yodurt" instead (it was the first time she had ever said that word and she wasn't repeating me).

she jumps on her bed and says "montee! montee! jump jump jump!" (monkeys jumping on the bed).

she learned the word "money" from daddy and now tries to steal all of his coins - and our debit cards.

she finally (finally!!) talks about me. i went out on an errand the other night and when i walked in the door i heard her say "it's da mama!" before coming out of her room to hug me.

she found daddy's portable radio and brought it to me, asking for "mutesick" (music). we turned it on and she carried it around the house, dancing to everything from bryan adams to the allman brothers. she asked for music again this morning when we got in the car. when the commercials or the news come on, she'll whine and cry until we get some good tunes, then she quiets down and bops her head to the beat.

oh, and best of all, last week she went on a daddy lunch date. she spent so long getting ready with me. we did her little curls with hairspray(!) and she pretended to put on makeup. i let her rub some fancy lotion on her hands and arms, too. she was so excited. i had a doctor's appointment, so i dropped her off at work with daddy during his lunch break and they set off on their own adventure. i never want to forget her face when i left her there with him. she grabbed his hand and turned back to look at me and she was a tiny bit uncertain. then she took a breath, smiled, squared up her shoulders and walked away with him for their date. when did she get to be so big?

every time this girl hits a new stage, i keep thinking "and i thought she was fun before!"

the other thing about last fall: i couldn't stop thinking about brand new babies. whenever i saw the colors and felt the breeze i would think, "wouldn't a tiny baby just make this perfect?"

and she will.

baby boo, we love you (even though you are the second child and all of this pregnancy stuff is old news). we can't wait to see how different you are.

(32 weeks tomorrow - two months!)

p.s. - ellie says:

mn    06666666666 , kmn
p hgv2 h+
 /=* 4-1021*


Saimi said...

That is the cutest belly EVER!! Can't wait to meet miss Boo!! Ellie is going to make such a great big sister and a wonderful helper to her mama!!

I love the change in the air!

Tom and Juli said...

You look so cute pregnant! I suck at putting together cute pregnant outfits, maybe being pregnant through Fall and Winter instead of Summer will make me be better at putting together cute things.

pefblog said...

Seems that Ellie already has an eye for numbers

Kathleen said...

bradie you look so cute! i can't wait to see baby boo too and ellie is such a cute girl! i miss you guys so much!

Ash said...

Love your dress (and boots and tights). I am so ready for it to cool down.

Ellie is so smart and cute. After watching various babies (some who are the same age or older) I can't believe how far ahead she is! Some of the babies I watch who are the same age as her haven't even said their first word, and she's learning the alphabet and saying sentences!

(Also, are you and Pam just destined to be pregnant at the same time??)