Monday, October 3

looking forward (and last year vs. this year)

fall is here! at last! i'm pretty sure about it!

a few clues:

my alarm went off and i was confused as to why it was so dark.
ellie asked where the sun was when we went outside yesterday morning. it hadn't peeked over the trees yet.
i woke up ready for a hot shower. 
i'm wearing a sweater. i'm not sweating.
i wore socks all day yesterday.
i constantly have the urge to bake, probably because the oven is so warm. and the food smells so good.
there are new shows on tv every week. 
ellie quickly learned the word "pumpkin" because she sees them everywhere.
there are little spots of yellow on the tree out front.
our driveway crunches when we're getting in the car.
9:00 pm and i was ready for bed, because it felt so late and dark.

(although, i will note that our air conditioning went out last week and we had to have it fixed. luckily it was a quick and inexpensive thing, but you would think that we could have just let it go by the end of september, right? nope.)

(last year vs. this year)

i was looking through some pictures from this time last year and i couldn't believe how bald our little baby was.
i can't believe she's been walking for almost a year.
and i am so excited that she is old enough to really have fun these holidays.
first, she is going to get to dress up and people will give her candy. it will blow her little mind.
then she is going to (maybe) get a huge, delicious dinner (depending on little boo's arrival date). 
and then she is going to wake up one morning and all sorts of presents will have magically appeared during the night.

oh, and above all she is going to get a sister.
pretty eventful and exciting life for a girl who is not quite two.

(last year vs. this year)



Kristina P. said...

She's all grown up!

erynn said...

wow it is crazy how much they change in a year, vs how much we change in a year now that we are older! so excited to see her halloween costume and for baby boo's arrival! there is so much to be excited and thankful for this year!

Ash said...

She used to be so tiny! I can't believe how quickly time has gone by. And I can't wait to see the new baby and see how Ellie loves on her sister.

Scaliwag said...

What a beautiful little girl you guys have!! I love her so much. I love you guys all so much!