Monday, October 24

it's gettin' crafty in here.

i haven't been doing much lately. just growing a baby. 

you may or may not have seen this before: 

via google images
but! i have actually been for real crafty, too. 

i have been going through boxes of magic erasers while scrubbing the walls, but in the meantime i have also been doing a little bit of sewing. 

first, i got my felt on and made a little halloween costume for ellie, although i am seriously doubting that she will wear it. 
(oh well, maybe next year i will have a ladybug and a bumblebee?)
and then i got a little candy corn crazy...
also, i got some really lovely fabric and made some pillows for my bed
(and had a spray paint party on some hobby lobby letters, too). 
 and, with the leftover fabric, i finally made one of those little grocery bag holders that i've been meaning to make forever. husband has (in)appropriately dubbed it "the bag anus," which immediately makes it so much less cool (thanks a lot). 
hey, at least the bags aren't under the sink anymore, right? 
next on the list is the quilt for baby. that should keep me busy for the next three-to-five weeks... right?

speaking of which, this is what i looked like on friday:

i feel like i have a pinhead in this picture. 
and a giant shoulder. 
 and giant hands. 
and don't get me started on the belly!



Kristina P. said...

I'm sure you need to decoupage that baby.

Saimi said...

I think that's called nesting! Love your baby belly and your crafting is amazing!

Ash said...

Bradie! That is seriously the cutest ladybug costume I've ever seen! All of it is adorable! You should make an etsy shop or something.

Also, did you use a tutorial of some sort for your bag anus?

Kathleen said...

i love that he called it the bag anus. i'm pretty sure eric would have said something very similar. i've been wanting to make one of those too because our bags also reside under the sink. your crafts are beautiful and i really hope ellie wears the lady bug costume because it is adorable!

David and Ann said...

You look GREAT!! and so do your crafty crafts!

erynn said...

i love that first saying. that lady bug costume is so cute!! way better than anything i've seen at old navy. i love that you look like you have a basketball hiding under your shirt. you are so tiny and such a cute prego lady. can't wait for baby boo, i've got a package i need to get sent out for you guys!! xoxo

We Three Zweigs said...

I'm dying. That costume is so adorable!!! Nesting is obviously working in your favor.