Monday, October 17

hair - the continuing saga.

so i have posted my hair growth at this time of year for a couple of years now and i just had to give another update - complete with a really crappy sepia photobooth picture. i know you're excited.

in the second picture and the last picture i am pregnant and you can definitely see the puff in my face. and you can see some real nice acne in the first one. embarrassing! 

me, 2008, right after i had it cut:

me, 2009:

me, 2010:

and this year's look, 2011:

that's what two pregnancies and almost three years of prenatal vitamins can do to a girl. i am planning on getting my hair trimmed very, very soon, though. it starts to split like crazy at the end of the pregnancy (and goes completely wild!) and i want to fix it before little boo comes.

p.s. - the haircut anniversary also coincides with the moving anniversary. we've officially been in georgia for three years. how about that?


Saimi said...

Oh my gosh girl you have beautiful hair! Just looking at your first picture I can really see Ellie in your face...That baby girl really takes after her mama's good looks!

n.davis said...

BAH! i'm so jealous right now! you're hair is gorgeous!!!!

Rob & Kristi Nelson said...

I am glad that pre-natal makes your hair grow it does look so pretty. now mine on the other hand just keeps falling out. It's truly depressing.

Scaliwag said...

I. Am. So. JEALOUS!! You look ravishing bradie :) I love you!

Ash said...

I have such hair envy right now.

Kathleen said...

you're hair is gorgeous! i love it! you look beautiful!

Abby Boswell said...

Holy cow! Your hair is so long and thick. And I love the hair updates. I think they're fun.

We Three Zweigs said...

total babe. That hair is amazing.