Friday, October 28

full term and some counting.

(on my way to the 37 week appointment)
saturday i will be officially "full term," which is a horrible thing created to tease a pregnant woman. it really gets all hopes up because it means that your baby could be born any minute and everything would be fine, but, at the same time, you could still have another month and a half of waiting. ugh.

everything is great. boo is constantly poking her bony little feet into my organs. i'm feeling exhausted and gigantic, which is to be expected. i hear "full term" and i want to give up on everything but relaxing and waiting for labor, same as last time. i don't want to spend another month half-heartedly doing menial tasks and hoping she doesn't decide pop up on the one day that my bathroom is more than disgusting. 

on the other hand, next week is my last week of babysitting until next year (crazy, right?! 2012? next year?) and i wouldn't mind having some time to hang out with my little ellie bean, just the two of us. it won't be the two of us anymore and that is exciting and strange. i can't even comprehend it.

point is, miss boo will show up when she's good and ready...
and hopefully before thanksgiving (because mommy can't take much longer than that). 

(get ready for a halloween post, because ellie went trunk-or-treating and loved it.)

in the meantime, i have a few little movies. 
ellie has been a counting machine.* for some reason, though, she skips straight to five and goes all the way to thirteen. don't ask me why. 

she was a little distracted with her animals, so i didn't get a very good run of all the numbers. i guess you get to see a little bit of her playing and that's always cute. she thinks her zebras and giraffes are one big family and they are always kissing each other. she also thinks that the tiger and the hippo are best friends... again, don't ask me why. 

*by the way, we're not really concerned, but daddy has started calling ellie our little ocd baby. she counts all the time and every thing, she is always lining all of her toys up and she gets a little upset if things aren't a certain way - for example, she has to (or she will freak out) buckle her booster seat immediately after she gets out of it and before she goes to play. just a weird phase?


David and Ann said...

hahaha, I think being particular just runs in the family, just like john use to separate his food-it wasn't allowed to touch or he'd freak out & I use to organize my teddy bears by size, they all had to be "just so" or I'd get upset! Thank you for the videos, we love to watch her grow!! I promise to post updates on Jon soon, it's just been rough since he just got his collar :( Jimmy will love to crack jokes on it, it looks like he got in a car accident!

Michelle+Ellie said...

ooohh i just want to eat her up!! and to think that you will have another one soon?! how fun!! and don't worry..i think its just a phase...either that, or every baby named Ellie has OCD because my ellie does the same thing!

Charis said...

She is so dang cute and just as smart! Love her counting video!!!!

Ash said...

Counting already?? Is she going to start doing Algebra soon? She's so smart!

And I hope the new baby comes soon! We can't wait to see her!

erynn said...

i love hearing her work so hard to pronounce the letters! what a little smarty pants we have in the family! still waiting to see baby boo! maybe 11-11-11??