Wednesday, January 12

snowpocalypse 2011.

(they've even gone so far as to call it "hothlanta." if you get the joke, you're as nerdy as we are.)

one of the main reasons i haven't caught up on the blog lately is this: 
a giant snow/ice storm that has been holding us hostage since sunday night. 

we had our second snow storm in two weeks and it's big. one of our neighbors said that he has lived here 33 years and he hasn't seen anything like this. we woke up to tons of snow monday morning and this morning there was a sheet of ice covering everything. 

my parents are visiting (more on that later) and they were supposed to leave yesterday morning. instead, they're going to wait until later this morning to see if maybe they can make their way to the airport. 

monday we just listened to the news and tried to figure out what was going to happen next, especially at the airport. we heard reports that even walmart closed for the night and everyone hunkered down. the power stayed on so we baked and cooked and stuffed ourselves silly. 

my dad and husband spent yesterday morning trying to scrape out the trouble spot in our neighborhood where four cars had piled up overnight. although the government told everyone not to drive for any reason - they'd come to you in the event of an emergency - all the neighbors were trying to get out. they'd stop in front of our house when they saw the pile up and try to figure out what to do next. most turned around and went home. 

after just a few minutes some neighbors joined in to make a path snaking through the cars and people were able to get in and out easily. our men ventured to the grocery store to pick up diapers and lady items, but unfortunately they couldn't get any eggs. the grocery store had been completely pillaged. they said there was plenty of skim milk and wheat bread, though. i guess those who made it to the store weren't feeling too health-conscious.

pretty sure mother nature decided she wanted my parents to extend their visit. we're hoping they can get out today, but won't mind if they have to stay and play with the baby just one more night. 
they just love getting up and putting her in bed with them at three in the morning.

p.s. - she still really hates the snow.


Kristina P. said...

Oh, poor girl! It looks so quiet when the snow is untouched.

Whitney said...

I love all of Ellie's cute winter clothes. Stay warm!

Saimi said...

The look on Ellies' face is priceless, she's like, "Get me back in the house this is crazy cold out here!!"

As for Judge he's having a ball, or is he looking for a ball? HA!

Hey I tagged you over at my blog, so if you feel like playing head over there!

n.davis said...

oh wow! that is more snow than
we are getting here in utah. haha.
poor girl, i know how she feels
about the yucky snow. haha

Anonymous said...

so there are these magical things call snow plows and ice melt that i think georgia should really think about upgrading to in the near future. they might be able to help ya'll out a bit down there. with all the global warming going on around here you might be getting more snow through out the next years. just a thought.

sisterwendy said...

I bet your mom and dad weren't TOO upset with all that snow! I feel sorry for the local folk who had to live and deal with that- I know they are just not prepared to handle snow like this! Congrats on Saturday!xoxoxoxo

-m- said...

awww she is such a cutie. you guys got loads of snow! crazy.

Just SO said...

Totally got the HOTH reference...but I'm sure that's no surprise.

And I'm cracking up at the fact that there was still wheat bread and skim milk left in the stores.

So very happy your mom and dad were able to be down there with you guys.