Thursday, January 20

the grandparents came.

leftover pictures 
from when my parents came/our south carolina trip:

 reading stories and checking out the tooele county emergency preparedness calendar with grampa.

hugging on polar bear during the car ride. 

 sunset out the back window.


eating fries at the hotel. 

watching yo gabba gabba during a milkshake-induced craze. 

junk food hangover.

both the grams and grampses at the temple. 

 eyes > stomach. tostadas!

worn out. 


Saimi said...

Those are great!! I love how her dolly is tucked in with her. The picture of both your families next to the temple is AWESOME!! Once again Congratulations!

Tom and Juli said...

I will forever think that your mom and dad are the cutest mom and dad ever.

pefblog said...

Bradie, Thanks for posting the photos & video. I wish I could hang out with your mom. Maybe someday!

Anonymous said...

looks like you had fun and definately wore elli out. i love the video, she is totally into that show!! great pictures! love you all!

Gracie said...

bradie, your baby looks like the most solid little chunk of a baby i have ever seen. you must be so buff!
love her love you.

-m- said...

what is it with that show that hypnotizes little kids?? haha that is so cute.

Erin Marie said...

Bradie! Long time no see my dear! I think it HAS been since jr. high! (yes, I'm still wearing stuff I wore back then.. how embarassing) ha!

What a darling family you have, and congratulations!