Monday, January 24

new week.

last week was "one of those" weeks.
long, draining*, etc.
including yesterday.

this week is brand new
and we're going to clean up the mess from last week
and make this week really count!
i hope.

*speaking of draining, ellie has had a terribly runny nose the past few days. you can tell she's stuffy and she's breathing through her mouth in these pictures, poor thing:

she's trying to put on her shoes over her jammies. that's right, she's trying to put them ON. i've caught her doing it at least a half dozen times. so far she hasn't gotten them on by herself (possibly the fault of the jammies), but she apparently knows how it's done.
what am i going to do with this brilliant child? she's outsmarting me left and right. 


Saimi said...

Poor girl...She looks miserable, but despite it all she is still determined to put those shoes on!

Have a great week and I sure hope Ellie feels better soon!!

Kristina P. said...

Uh, oh. I think someone is going to have a very expensive shoe habit!

Anonymous said...

poor little thing. you're right you can tell in the picture that she can't breath through her nose. how old is this little girl? before you know it she'll be taking judge on walks and you won't even know!

Just SO said...

I feel just like she looks in those pictures. Poor thing.