Friday, January 28


this month i've spent a lot of time thinking about this guy:

shackleton. ever heard of him? well, one time his boat got stuck in the snow and ice of antarctica.

it started with the snowpocalypse and the week of snuggling inside, safe against the snow. 
then the weeks of cold weather, so that husband couldn't ride the motorcycle and we were stuck while he was at work all day. it was so cold that ellie and i would spend our mornings huddled together under lots of blankets for warmth (and eating cookies to keep up our strength). 

then the flat tire, so we really couldn't go anywhere. last night i went out of the house for the literally the first time since saturday.

i was raiding the grocery store shelves like i'd never see the outside world again. 

it's hard to have motivation when i'm stuck at home so long. it would be a little easier if i could pack the baby in the stroller and walk to . . . anywhere, but the only place i can safely go is around the neighborhood over and over.

we're looking forward to the warmer weather that is surely coming (right?!) and the early southern spring, but first we'll have to make it through a few more weeks of the chill.

in the meantime, here are some pictures my lovely sister-in-law, ashlyn, took at the temple. 
mostly i love the last one, because i have almost no pictures of just ellie and mommy. 

sorry, everyone. that photo proves that my baby is the most beautiful baby on the planet.


Chantal's ramblings said...

Ugh! I feel your pain! Yesterday I decided that it was almost a whopping 35 degrees so I was going for a walk! Only to find the tire on the stroller completely flat. So we spend 45 minutes bundled up in our coats sitting in the back yard, trying to pretend that the sun was keeping us warm. Please bless it warms up soon. My sanity is slipping away with each passing day. I think I need to move to Hawaii or something. On top of all that, this pregnancy is turning me into a massive whale! With no space to exercise and nothing to do but eat. I'm afraid I'm doomed.

Tom and Juli said...

Of course she's so beautiful! She takes after her momma!

Kira Dee said...

I know exactly how you feel. We only have one car and it's way too flippin' cold to go outside. So I'm hanging out day and night inside. I watch a lot of netflix, try to find motivation to do anything, and pray for the day it's green instead of gray outside. Bleh. I think I'll skip over February this year :)

Cap said...

Shackleton was able to bring his entire crew back without losing one over the course of like... 6 months. I love that story. Used it in a talk once.

Saimi said...

I love staying in when winter's at its best!! I'd love it even more if I had a precious little one like Ellie to play with...

Your pictures are darling, what a beautiful family you have there!!!

Kristina P. said...

I love the last picture too!

Kathleen said...

i love her little wave in the second picture. so cute!

Anonymous said...

yeah it is freezing here! my poor jeep doesn't like to warm up in this cold weather. but a couple of weekends ago it was like 40 so i took the dogs on a walk. as long as the sun is out i think i can make it till spring. (ps my favorite is the last pic too)

Just SO said...

We spent the last week cooped up because of McKenna's appendix removal. By Thursday she begged me to take her somewhere...anywhere. We went to Harts.

I LOVE those eyes of Ellies in the second picture. So full of fun and light.