Tuesday, March 1


we visited the doctor last week and we got some stats:

she's in 25th percentile for weight - she still isn't over 20 pounds. almost there!
she's absolute average height (28 inches, i think?) and her head is still big, 75th percentile. 
she has six "official" teeth (i think two more are on the way). 

last night someone thought she was nine months old. i guess that's why everyone is so shocked when they see her running around (seriously, she runs).

(yes, we are in utah safe and sound and more on last night later.)

for now, enjoy this picture of ellie and her cousin at the party:


Serene is my name, not my life! said...

Seriously? Holy skinny pants!

I'm pretty sure my first weighed 20 pounds at her four month check-up.

She was so fat I had to get medication to put in all her chub rolls.

Still, you're little one is so stinking cute.

Chantal's ramblings said...

Pretty much AnDee didnt weigh 20 lbs until WELL after her 1st birthday but we might have accidentally put her in a forward facing car seat anyway. We are bad parents. Im glad your in Utah! (not so glad for the reason) Maybe Ill even get to see you?

Saimi said...

That cute head of hers is just another sign of how intelligent she is. My middle son had a large head that he finally grew into and I'll tell you, that kid is a smart one.

Always was, like Ellie at a young age, and as he got older we had to find ways to keep him from getting bored in school.

Yep, you have a little genius on your hands!!

Samantha said...

YEA happy bday Ellie! i loved your bday party pictures, you are one talented mommy! I loved that she used a fork, we had a little bday bash at home (party to come when daddy gets back) and mia scarfed down her cake and then proceeded to like the other side of the plate, you know just incase she missed something. but i guess thats why she is NOT 20lbs! Aj was skinny like ellie. we spiked his milk with PediaSure to get him up to weight for the forward facing car seat
Have fun in Utah!

Cap said...

My son, (who is 22 mo.) got over the 20lbs mark about 2-3 months ago. He was in the 5th percentile. We weren't quite sure he'd make it past. ;)